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Print Print Print your Phone Photos!

Stuck for what to do with those photos on your phone? Get them printed - you wont regret it! Here's a little inspiration and some ideas as to how!

I am sure many of you, like me, have a phone FULL of photos.   These are not necessarily all brilliantly posed, exposed and composed photos but none the less they are very special images that capture a moment that we want savour... and save.

Of course as a professional photographer I wholeheartedly support having professional family images taken every few years ;) BUT I also more than appreciate the value of all those crazy, fun and, I am sure, fab shots on your phone and therefore the conundrum of what to do with them.   I actively encourage my clients to order prints or tangible products of my work for them as I believe the results need to be seen and enjoyed.    I feel the same re all the photographs I take personally of my family and friends.  I have always promised myself (ha ha) and promised my nagging children that at the start of every year I will make a photo album of that past year for us all to treasure.  This promise has been broken many times I am ashamed to say but this year I was inspired by a friend.  She had given her husband three albums of recent years for Christmas - and they were AMAZING!  They were gorgeous not just for the quality of the album but for the joy they clearly brought to her and her family.

I went home and that weekend I sat until 2am on Sat night and created my first album in ages.. of 2019 (got a few more to do but I can't tell you how thrilled I am with it.). So if you can,  do try and find the time to print off you photos.  Remember too that our phones and computers  are so damned clever these days they pretty much put them in date order for us!!

Of course there are SO many album companies to choose from now but here are 4 companies I have tried and tested and would recommend!

1. Cewe

4. Blurb 

Good luck!! You won't regret the time you spend on creating these!


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