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Titch Tetley Photography Pricing and Details 2.jpeg
Titch Tetley Photography Pricing and Details.jpeg


A professional family photography session can be a family, newborn or baby session and is priced at £190.   It typically lasts around 1 to 2 hours, except for Newborn Shoots, which may take up to 3 hours. I prioritise capturing natural, candid, and beautiful shots over any time constraints, ensuring we take as long as necessary to achieve the desired results.

Following your session, you'll have access to view your photographs through a private album on my website.

  • Print options are available starting from £65, with sizes beginning at 6x8 inches.

  • Digital images are priced based on the quantity ordered, with a set of 10 digital images priced at £300.

  • Framed prints start at £200.

  • Coffee table albums, containing 20 selected photos from your shoot, are priced at £350, providing a stunning and memorable keepsake of your special day.

For further details on any of the options mentioned above, please don't hesitate to contact me.

  • Where will we have the photography shoot?
    My family shoots are outside. But exactly where is up to you and is certainly something we can consider and discuss. Often I come to client’s houses and we have the photography shoot in their garden. If this isn’t an option then favourites walks are often popular...or nearby parks, or Granny’s house….. wherever! If I am familiar with your area then I am more than happy to suggest a location. If you are in and around Cirencester then I have lots of good suggestions.
  • How long will the shoot take?
    My shoots normally take between 60 - 90 minutes but there is no clock watching involved. Children (like all of us) can run out of patience and interest and so it important not to make it too long. That said, if there are other family members involved or someone wants to have a break and a snack then that’s also no problem at all. The most important thing is that everyone feels as relaxed as possible and we we get some lovely natural photographs in a realistic time frame!!
  • What if it rains?
    When a school or nursery books with me, we will always have a back up plan and therefore a back up date in case the weather is against us.
  • What should we all wear at the shoot?
    This is really up to you. All I ask is that everyone avoids logos, busy patterns and bright colours if at all possible. Logos etc can we very eye catching when looking at the image afterwards so plain is best. Please remember that you want to feel happy and confident in what you and your kids are wearing.
  • How many photographs do you take?
    Lots! But you will have approximately 40 or so to choose from on your private gallery about 2 weeks after the shoot date.
  • What happens if my children don’t behave very well at the shoot!?
    Children are children and whilst we do our best as parents they can be little rotters on occasions. DO NOT WORRY about this. My shoots are outside so they can run around and left off steam and if anyone has a meltdown we can just take some out to let them calm down. If you wish to bribe them with any treats afterwards then great ;) but I leave that up to parents. If there are any particular needs or issues I should know about then please do tell me in advance. The more I am aware of then the more I can try and make it a smooth and relaxed experience.
  • What happens if my baby or children are ill on the day of the shoot?
    Call me!! I'll understand. I have three kids myself and I know how quickly things can change from feeling fine to being poorly. I have had clients needing to rearrange last minute for all sorts of reasons: someone woke with a sty in their eye, someone fell over in sandpit and cut his head on a toy tractor, one little boy punched his brother a few hours before the shoot and he had a swollen eye! Obviously I would rather not cancel last minute BUT call me!! I want you to be 100% happy with the images and if someone isn’t feeling well etc then this will be apparent in the photos and I want you to love them!! Not secretly be wishing you had postponed!!


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