Families with Additional Needs

What you need to know

I regularly photograph families and children with additional needs. These shoots often include a number of extra challenges but by working together and being well prepared before the shoot there is very little reason as to why things need to be any more tricky then a shoot with children who don't have additional needs.  I have a questionnaire that I will send to you once you have decided to go ahead and after I have reviewed your answers I will chat to you on the phone as many times as we need.  The shoot itself will be guided by you and…. should it not come together on the day then we can re-arrange at no extra charge.  

I work in close collaboration with Hard Days out Made Easy   

Please contact me for more details and to discuss your plans.


"When Katharine came to COG to photograph our children she was a pleasure to work with. The children she photographed ranged from to 2 to 5 years, some of whom have complex needs such as Autism or may lack confidence to be photographed, especially by somebody they don’t know. Katharine was outstanding at working with both parents and children alike. She was sensitive to everybody’s needs, ensuring parents felt comfortable with what she was doing and that the children felt happy and reassured. She didn’t push anything that any child showed the slightest hint of being unhappy with and was pleased to take the time to ensure the children were relaxed in order to get the best out of the children and therefore the best shots. Katharine was careful to choose the right area of our setting in which to photograph, assessing the light and the areas the children knew best and enjoyed to play. She experimented with taking photographs of them sitting on one of our wooden sculptures and also moving shots of them running through the Autumn leaves. The results were absolutely beautiful. We had many very happy parents who were thrilled with the photographs and our Team here at COG were moved by the beauty of Katharine’s work. It can be challenging to capture such moments with a child who doesn’t always understand what you’re asking of them or feels uncomfortable in the situation. Katharine was able to do this brilliantly while making the whole experience fun for the children."

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